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Sofa & Furniture repair, upholstery services | Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and all other states of UAE. Give us a call today +971 56 1234065 for free upholstery estimate and home visit!

"Best Quality Upholstery at the Most Reasonable Price"

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If you were looking for the best sofa upholstery, professional repair service for sofas you have came to the right place.

We offer a full upholstery, re-upholstery and recovery service sofa repair and sofa foam replacement for all types of furniture.

If you love your old furniture or sofa and want to give it a new life why not give us a call. We offer a complete Upholstery/Re-upholstery service and Recovery service and Repair for all types of sofas. Upholstery Dubai provides the best value to the customer. With a passion for design, they make your choice easy with an extensive selection of styles and fabrics.

Give us a call today for free estimate and home visit! +971 56 1234065